FREE Test For Allergies and Concentration Problems In School Children

Allergiescan be debilitating and dangerous. They can affect our Children’s school performance and set them back considerably.

Taking pharmaceutical meds comes with the problems of their side effects that can be just as debilitating, but there is an alternative non-invasive, painless and effective treatment.

In the interests of keeping our youth at school, healthy and progressing, Nutrition Mission now has a Holiday Special for School-going Children with allergies and concentration challenges.

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Book an appointment for your child for any Wednesday before school restarts and receive a special rate, only available during the holidays. Book now and help your child beat their allergies before school re-opens.

These resultsshow that bioresonance intervention has a significant effect on the improvement of symptoms and this improvement is even obvious 12 months after the intervention.

Remote Allergies Treatment

Remote treatment is based on Quantum physics and DNA. You leave a sample of your DNA (hair, nail clippings etc) and we use that to do remote treatment.


This probably sounds absolutely ground-breaking for people who have never heard of remote therapy and treatment before, but we can actually help you to feel symptom reduction and huge lifestyle improvements at the same time as not having you in the centre with us. This is a tried and tested method and gives wonderful results.

You might be wondering how it works. After all, how can we remotely treat anyone? Well, it’s got a lot to do with quantum physics, which is not something a lot of people are going to understand and we don’t blame you in that regard. However, it means that we can make suggestions to you and as your frequency information in the body changes, the hair sample will change too and we can understand what needs to happen.

Our No-nonsense Money-Back Guarantee

Knowing that this is a new form of treatment for most people, you are quite possibly sceptical. With this in mind, We offer a no-nonsense money-back guarantee for 21 days. If you are not happy with the treatment, cancel your appointments and request a refund.

What the Doctors say

Dr Royal Rife

Bioresonance therapy, a non-invasive healing therapy, has seen a surge of interest in the last few years. Type “bioresonance” into a search engine, though, and the results run the gamut from miracle claims to quackery. What is this alternative therapy, and does it work?

To understand the premise of bioresonance, consider basic physics and Einstein’s finding that “matter is energy, whose vibration has been so lowered as to be perceptible to the senses” and his conclusion that “everything in life is vibrating”. Each of our cells, organs, tissues and systems emits its own electromagnetic wave that resonates at a specific frequency pattern and is considered “harmonious” when it is functioning at its best.

Detox – A Must During Treatment

For people undergoing a detox response, one can
assume that pathogen wastes and other toxins are being
released into the bloodstream. The first thing to do is
drink more water. Along with the water, it’s helpful to
take at least 1 heaping teaspoon of activated charcoalto
help bind the toxins in the gut and prevent them from
being redistributed by the bile. (The equivalent amount of
activated charcoal can be taken in capsules)

A Herxheimer reaction is a detoxification response that occurs as a
result of waste materials being released into the system.
Any therapy that encourages normal cell metabolism will
release toxins: as nutrients enter the cell, wastes leave.
Wastes that have exited the tissues can cause symptoms
until the body excretes them. Some people who use
electromedical and other holistic therapies mistakenly
believe that if they feel bad, it’s because the therapy is
flawed. However, the therapy is merely doing its job.

Research Gate

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