This Is How To Boost Your Cholesterol Treatment With Bioresonance


Cholesterol, a waxy substance found in your blood, plays essentialroles in the body. There are, however, two types of choleterol, A Bad cholesterol (LDL) and a Good Cholesterol (HDL).

High levels of LDL can be dangerous and cause Cardiovascular diseases, Stroke,  Transient ischemic attacks (TIAs) and Heart Attacks, amopugnst others.

Understanding Cholesterol


Cholesterol is a lipid (fat),a waxy substance your body needs for healthy cells.  It serves vital functions in the body such as:

  • Cell Membranes: Cholesterol is a necessary component of cell membranes, maintaining their integrity and fluidity.
  • Hormone Production: It’s a precursor for hormones like estrogentestosterone, and cortisol.
  • Vitamin D Synthesis: Cholesterol helps create vitamin D when exposed to sunlight.
  • Bile Acid Formation: It aids in digesting fats by forming bile acids. However, excess cholesterol can lead to artery-clogging plaque, increasing the risk of heart disease and strokes. Balancing cholesterol levels is crucial for overall health.

Traditional Treatments for High Cholesterol

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Traditionally, Doctors will advise you to Do the following:

  1. Dietary Modification: Eat less fatty food and take in more rabit food , commonly know as salad.
    • Pros: Effective in reducing cholesterol levels.
    • Cons: Requires strict adherence and lifestyle changes.
  2. Drink Pills (Medications): You will be prescribed Statinsto help lowere your LDL.
    • Pros: Proven efficacy in lowering LDL cholesterol.
    • Cons: Potential side effects (muscle pain, liver issues).
  3. Exercise and Weight Management: Easier said than done with our mordern rushed lifestyle
    • Pros: Improves overall health and lipid profile.
    • Cons: Requires consistent time, effort and discipline.

Bioresonance Therapy for Cholesterol

1. Principles of Bioresonance:

Bioresonance therapy uses electromagnetic waves because every cell and organ vibrates at a specific frequency. Healthy cells emit a harmonious frequency, while unhealthy or diseased cells emit a disharmonious one.

The therapy involves:

  1. Electrode Placement: Specialised headphones are placed on your head or you hold electrodes to pick up electromagnetic signals from the body.

  2. Signal Analysis: The bioresonance machine analyzes these signals to identify any disharmonious frequencies.

  3. Mirroring or Inversion: The machine then creates a mirrored or inverted version of the disharmonious frequency.

  4. Reintroduction: This corrected frequency is then reintroduced into the body through the electrodes with the aim of “correcting” the disharmonious cell vibrations and promoting healing.

2. Effectiveness of Bioresonance

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Here are some research findings related to the effectiveness of bioresonance therapy on cholesterol:

  1. “The Effectiveness of Bioresonance Method on Human Health”:

  2. Bioresonance for Cholesterol:

  3. Healthline’s Perspective:

  4. Conclusion:

3. Specific Bioresonance Interventions for Cholesterol

  • Cleansing the Liver:
    • Pros: Supports liver function, essential for cholesterol metabolism.
    • Cons: Requires regular sessions.
  • Parasite Elimination with BICOM Device:
    • Pros: Addresses underlying factors affecting cholesterol.
    • Cons: Individual responses may vary.
  • Improving Blood Flow:
    • Pros: Enhances circulation, aiding cholesterol transport.
    • Cons: Requires consistent treatment.
  • Stabilizing Vessel Walls:
    • Pros: Strengthens arterial walls, preventing plaque buildup.
    • Cons: Long-term commitment needed.

Complementary Role of Bioresonance


  • Bioresonance therapy has a positive effect on cholesterol. This has been proven in studies, but I would caution anyone that is under a doctor’s care to not stop following the doctor’s advice. If you wish to take advantage of the non-invasive, chemical free bioresonance approach to treating your cholesterol then,
  • Continue your medication.
  • Start the bioresonance therapy.
  • Have your cholesterol checked biannually.
  • Let your doctor reduce your medication as your cholesterol tests show a reduction in your LDL because of your Bioresonance therapy.

A Cautionary word. Do not stop your medication before the doctor confirms it. Bioresonance can take a number of sessions before it brings your cholesterol levels down. Stopping your medicatione prior to your test showing a reduction in your LDL levels will mean that your cholesterol could be uncontrolled during that buildup period.



Bioresonance has been proven to improve cholesterol levels and the fact that it is non-invasive and does not include chemicals as a huge plus. Using Bioreaonance therapy to help reduce that stubon cholesterol or simply to reduce the amount of medicaion that you use is a big plus but, remember to use it as a complimentary procedure to ensure a healthy lifestyle.


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