How To Improve Your Health with Targeted Wave Therapy

Albert Einstein said, “Everything is energy and that’s all there is to it“.

  In the human body, every atom, molecule, cell, tissue and body system is composed ofenergy, and known as thehuman energy field. Our energy field can become chaotic when filled with toxins ( physical, emotional, trauma) and our body has the ability to adapt and heal. However, over time toxin buildup diminishes the body’s ability to heal and detox. This blocks our energy flow and only manifests later on a physical level. We only become aware of these energy blockages when our physical health is affected.

Bio-resonance scanning allows you to “see”‘ the energy beneath the physical.

Change your vibration, change your life


Body Sonic MRA (Magnetic Resonance Analyser) Assessment and Therapy. Painless and non-invasive.

A complete health analysing system that scans the whole body within 30 minutes for health anomalies. It will indicate with which pathogens the body is infected, any ailments present and any lurking health problems. You also have the option of therapy sessions on the Bodysonic to improve or even eliminate the lurking health problems. It also identifies which food, minerals and vitamins the body needs to deal with these identified health problems(How It Works).


No guessing or experimenting. The Wave range of resonators has the correct settings and most effective treatments.

The Wave6 Practitioner has all the tested and trusted treatments loaded on the device. This is to help you to address all the ailments and health problems that can be treated with pulsed electromagnetic frequency (PEMF) therapy and resonance therapy. So, sit back, or lay back, and let the Wave 6 take care of you.

Wave Beamer Health Pad

The Wave Beamer Healthpad is an electromagnetic mat that creates radiant energy. It is ideally suited to treat children, adultswho need extra treatments while sleeping or animals. It radiates a healthy energy field in a vortex of about 30 cm around the mat.

Body & Health analyzing to detect the health condition of the body’s vital organs is not new. It has been around from 2750 BCbut has been improvedand perfectedin the last two decades, despite the resistance to electromedicine by both the public and the medical profession.

As might be expected, the pharmaceutical industry has taken advantage of people’s ignorance and resistance to any modality that seems new and strange, for if the benefits and track record of electromedical devices were widely publicised, drug companies would lose billions of dollars each year. Likewise, mainstream media doesn’t make an effort to educate consumers because it depends on considerable advertising revenues from

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