Rife Wellness Centre - Price List


Screenings and Corrections by Appointment Only

Bodysonic Screenings and Corrections

  • Quick Scan (Scans Include 1 treatment)                                                      R400.00
  • Full scan (scan can take up to an Hour)                                                       R800.00
  • Standard scan                                                                                                   R600.00
  • Full Scientistic Scan (Scan takes up to an Hour – 1hr: 30min)                R1200.00
  • Follow-up treatments                                                                                      R350.00

Multiple corrections may be needed, depending on the severity of the condition.

Rife Practitioner Corrections

Treatments on the Rife Practitioner 6                                                             R450.00

     Usually takes up to 1 hr per treatment. Depending on the problem, you could require more than 1 treatment.  

Remote Treatment

Consider the option of Remote Treatments to save yourself time and money.

Personal Plan

5 treatments over 1 Calender month. Valid for 1 person only.                    R400.00

Couples Plan

10 treatments 1 Calender month. Valid for 1 couple only.                           R800.00

Family Plan

20 treatments over 1 Calender month.                                                             R1600.00.

Valid for Parents and their Children under 18yrs old.


Our QMRA scan will tell you what vitamin and mineral shortages your body has as well as what organs are not working as they should.

 QMRA Scan And written report and advice                                                  R550.00

Children Treatment Specials (under 18 years)

  • QMRA Scanning                                                                                           R250.00
  • Treatment (Consider remote treatment)                                                 R200.00
  • BodySonic Quick                                                                                          R250.00

Pensioners Treatment Special

  • We are here for our pensioners. Pensioners Special on Wednesdays

    One scan for FREE!

    • Treatment: (By Appointment Only)                                                        R60.00

    • 5 treatments per calender month                                                          R200.00
    • Couples, 10 treatments per calender month                                       R400.00  
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